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Indonesia Tobacco
Indonesia Tobacco is a new independent force in a fight to protect the people from the danger of tobacco and tobacco industry ill practices. Though, our position is clear - being objective toward all tobacco stakeholders from government, tobacco industry and farmers to anti-tobacco advocates. We share all tobacco related news regardless it is a good or bad thing for either those who pro or against tobacco.

Our missions:
- Educate the public about the danger of tobacco and encourage them to be agents to monitor tobacco practices
- Support the policy makers in formulating win-win tobacco regulations and solutions for the people and the tobacco industry
- Ensure responsible tobacco industry in line with regulations

Our Commitments:
- To continuously provide the public, policy makers and tobacco industry stakeholders with updated information on tobacco
- To continuously expand our reach and capability to monitor tobacco practices in Indonesia

Our Data
Besides making our own documentations and reports & analysis, we also gather news, regulations, report & analysis, presentations and other tobacco related information all over the world particularly in Indonesia. By providing this abundant of information, we expect all the people, policy makers and tobacco stakeholders to be more knowledgeable and aware on tobacco related issues, able to prevent unnecessary conflict and encourage transparent and responsible tobacco industry.
Note: 'We welcome any tobacco related information'

Indonesia Tobacco
Board of Management 



Iskandar Zulkarnain

Vice Chairman: 
Ismail Akbar 

Head of Advocacy:
Hendra Setiawan

Issues &Regulatory Analyst Manager: 
Rizky Alamsyah 

Data & Research Supervisor:
Leni Ariyani 

Gen. Affair Coordinator: 
Aditya Chandra

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